Imam Daayiee Abdullah

Daayie is a scholar, a former public interest lawyer and a specialist in Shari’ah Sciences/Quranic Interpretation. He frequently lectures internationally on progressive Muslim concepts, interfaith networking and the development of inclusive revisions of Islamic theological thought and interpretations of shari’ah. He has also long been involved in actively promoting understanding and awareness of issues of racial, sexual and gender equality both withing and beyond Muslim communities.

Daayie is a prominent human and sexuality rights activist within Muslim and interfaith contexts. He is Imam and Education Director of Masjid el-Tawhid An-Nur Al-Isslaah ( Mosque for Enlightenment and Reformation); affiliated with the California-based organization MPV (Muslims for Progressive Values) as MPV-Washington, DC co-chapter leader, and former Board member of Al-Fatiha Foundation, a LGBTQ Muslim organization.

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